• Ventilation accessories.

    In our offer you can find functional ventilation accessories, including mostly tapes for band clips and flexible connectors helpful when making ducts, install them and then use them freely and, more importantly, safely. This way their functioning will be much more efficient and will minimize the negative side effects arising during the operation of the system, such as vibrations or annoying noise.

Tape for band clips.

In the construction of the KMPro tape for band clips we used stainless steel with a thickness of 0.6 mm and a width of 9 mm. A coil of 30 m was used to achieve very good strength. This product makes it possible to create band clips of any diameter required by the client.

The tape for band clips is also equipped with a clip to close the whole tape. Thanks to the appropriate construction, they are tight and durably connect individual elements of ventilation ducts, especially when making connections with rigid parts.


Flexible connectors.

They are used primarily to prevent vibrations which may form in ventilation ducts and noise that may be generated and transmitted inside ducts and rooms. Flexible connectors are manufactured in the form of a fabric which exact dimensions in terms of both width and length are strictly adjusted to the requirements of each client. It is also possible to prepare the finished element in a round or rectangular shape. They are fixed using bands made of acid resistant steel and are particularly durable.


The major advantages of using flexible connectors:

  • these accessories can be manufactured quickly, thanks to their simple construction,
  • considerable flexibility, which makes them also versatile for use in various ventilation ducts.