Plastics purchase

We provide a comprehensive service in collection, loading and transport of plastics, adjusted to the individual needs of our Clients. This way we minimize the effort on the part of the Client, trying to make the service as easy as possible and carry out almost all the activities on our side, also in terms of arranging all the necessary procedures.


We also provide services in the scope of issuing the necessary documentation confirming the execution of plastic recycling. Therefore, the producers covered by the EU legislation on adequate waste management will receive confirmation that they have fulfilled their obligation to inspection authorities. This way, you will be able to comply with the internationally imposed standards for the disposal of your products.

Scope of activities

When buying plastics, we obtain the most popular types of raw materials from clients, which are most often used in industry, and at the same time are very often used by society in everyday life.

In our company we buy:

  • LDPE, PE film
  • PE, PP, PS plastic
  • PET plastic
  • HDPE plastic
  • BIG BAGs

Meeting environmental standards and economic benefits

Thanks to plastics purchase, it is possible to comply with environmental standards. This translates into less pollution of landfill sites, but also indirectly decreases greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Globally, this also reduces production costs as well as the use of natural resources that are needed for their standard production. As a consequence, it also gives measurable financial benefits to companies, not counting the possibility of bearing financial responsibility for not meeting the applicable waste management standards.

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